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Meet Your Hosts


Ginny Roby Holland will be your primary host concierge throughout your experience.  She will be your primary contact during your visit. 

Ginny was born and raised in Bardstown and after high school she moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a music degree from Belmont University.  After graduation, she was hired by Belmont to continue on as a piano instructor and accompanist.  During her time there she always felt a yearning to return home to Kentucky.  She moved back in 2000 and began her own private piano studio.  In 2002 she was offered a position with the Bardstown Nelson County Chamber of Commerce and began her journey into supporting the local business and hospitality community.  She married, Jason, a US Army Officer, in 2008 and left Bardstown on a 13-year journey around the world.  In 2021 they were stationed at Fort Knox and moved back to Bardstown.  Ginny is completely and utterly obsessed with all things Bourbon & Bardstown.  She is a Certified Bourbon Steward, Bourbon Capital Guild Founding Member & Native Bardstonian.  


Jason Holland will be available to you periodically as your host driver.  He will be your secondary contact during your visit in case Ginny is unavailable.

Jason is a US Army Active-Duty Lieutenant Colonel.  His family is from Wisconsin, yet he is an Army BRAT.  His family is deeply rooted in the military, and he has spent his entire life in military service first as a dependent and now as a 23-year active-duty soldier.  He has lived in Kentucky off and on for about 12 years but calls Kentucky home.  He is a graduate of North Hardin High School in Elizabethtown, KY and Campbellsville University in Taylor County, KY and joined the Army in 2001 after working as a chemist in Louisville.   He and his wife, Ginny, have been married for 14 years and they have 3 amazing children, Noah (20), Emmeline (13), and Clara (6).  He is currently stationed at Fort Knox with VCORPS.  

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