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How It Works

After your inquiry into Access Bourbon here, let’s have a conversation and become friends.  We prefer to meet face to face so we will try to set up a video conference call.  If not, a phone call will do.  We want you to become as comfortable with your Concierge as possible.  We’ll talk about your travel plans and what you expect from your visit.

Then, it’s down to business.

  1. We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to begin booking your trip.  Payable by credit card after signed contract is returned.  Planning will not begin until after payment is received. 

  2. We will ask that your Credit Card information be kept on file as we book your Itinerary.  Your contract will give Access Bourbon permission to utilize this one card for all your bookings/reservations. 

Now, it’s time for some fun!

Let’s Book Your Stay!
We will secure a reservation at a local Hotel, Motel, Inn or Airbnb.  We will make suggestions based on availability and your preferences.

Let’s Drink Some Bourbon!
We will book your VIP tours & tastings with local distilleries and make sure you have all you need to tickle your tastebuds.

Let’s Discover Bardstown!
Bardstown, Kentucky is the 2nd oldest city in Kentucky, and we have so much to offer in History, Hospitality and Happenings.  We hope you will take some time to discover why the Sun Shines Bright on My Old Kentucky Home.

Let’s Eat!
We will make sure to give you the best suggestions in local fare based on your culinary inclinations and make reservations at local restaurants that take them.  If they don’t, have a Boulevardier or Manhattan at the bar while you wait. 

Let’s Do Some Shopping!
Downtown Bardstown offers some of the best small business shopping in Kentucky.  You’ll want to spend some time walking around discovering treasures like the bourbon balls …At Mary’s or an amazing pair of earrings at Peacock on 3rd.

If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen!

Our Concierge will be with you the duration of your tour and follow you around like paparazzi available to take photos of you and your friends throughout the day.  No worries on getting that perfect shot or forgetting those amazing memories, we’ll make sure you get every picture we take.    


How about some details?
Access Bourbon currently operates a Nissan Quest (the Family Limo).  She seats 5 guests comfortably but a 6th seat in the back middle is available with some storage in the back end. 

Currently we offer several types of services. 
1.  5-hour (minimum) Weekday Tour - $500 (Booking Fees NOT included)
2. 6-hour (minimum) Weekday Tour - $600 (Booking Fees NOT included)

3. Bourbons of Bardstown Private Tasting, In Town - $125 Per Person (No Deposit Required)  

4. Bourbons of Bardstown Private Tasting, Out of Town - $200 Per Person (No Deposit Required)

5. Bourbon Capital Academy Course + Tour @ Lux Row - $450 ($100 Deposit Required) 

6. Bourbon Capital Academy Course + Tour @ Bardstown Bourbon Company - $550 ($100 Deposit Required)


Click here to view the Details of Our Services

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